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Chapter One Excerpt

"And the winner of the 1989 Entertainer of the Year is ... for the fourth straight year in a row, the incredible, Mr. Tommy Model!"

    The celebrity-packed venue erupted in a roar of applause as peers and fans leapt to their feet in enthusiasm for Tommy's latest accomplishment. Its recipient, however, did not share in their elation.

     Over the past five years, Tommy Model had sold over one hundred million albums worldwide, earning him twenty-one gold and multi-platinum album certification plaques. He had been bestowed with so many accolades and trophies, that an entire room in his fifteen thousand square foot Beverly Hills mansion was dedicated to display his successes. Receiving another award for the top-selling, fan-adored rock star had become such a frequent occurrence, he initially turned down the invitation to attend the night's festivities. As a result, the award show producers had been forced to bribe Tommy to make an appearance, and his boredom throughout the broadcast had been obvious.

     Tommy toured relentlessly and consistently sold out stadiums and arenas across the globe, usually as soon as tickets would go on sale. Because of his meteoric rise and sustained success, he had become one of the wealthiest entertainers on the planet. He not only recorded great music that his fans continued to relate to and clamor to buy, but he also wrote nearly every song he released. As a result, his royalty earnings as both a recording artist and a songwriter seemed secure for years to come. Touring income and merchandise sales were icing on the cake, generating over one hundred million dollars annually. But while his fame and wealth grew, unfortunately so did his ego and arrogance.

     When he stood from his seat in the audience to make his way to the stage, there was no denying that he looked the part of the superstar he had become. His pale-skinned, chiseled good looks and elegantly-styled, thick, spiked, blond hair was perfectly paired with his tailored black suit. The lapels of his jacket framed a white dress-shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest exposing a large silver cross hanging from a chain around his neck. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes. The look was classy, but still very rock & roll and would further confirm his growing influence on the fashion world as well.

     With his first step toward the stage, Tommy lost his balance and fell back into the arms of a well-known pop singer. He immediately pushed Tommy forward, and choice words were exchanged that somehow made it past the bleeper. Television viewers sat up in peaked interest as it seemed a train was about to wreck before their very eyes. Tommy laughed off the incident along with the audience, but something was definitely amiss.

     Unbeknownst to anyone in the theater or watching at home, Tommy had downed a fifth of vodka in the limo before walking the red carpet only two hours earlier. Now with little else in his system, the full effects were taking their toll on his equilibrium, as well as his state of mind.

     Regaining his composure, Tommy quickly scaled the stairs to the stage, took the trophy from the presenter's hand, and walked off without even saying a word. He raised the award high over his head as he disappeared from view. Again, the audience exploded with cheers and whistles. Many held their mouths wide open and turned in amazement to those standing next to them as if to say, what in the world just happened? The television production team struggled to fill dead air.

     As on so many other occasions throughout his short career, Tommy crossed lines no one else had even dreamed of stepping beyond. In this particular case, he looked like a brilliant bad-boy artist to the world, but in reality, he was just being an ungrateful jerk. Tommy was tired of giving acceptance speeches, so he didn't even pretend to care. Instead, he simply walked off stage and out the back door of the theater. There, Tommy lit a cigarette, took a long drag, then exhaled while looking down at his shiny, gold award. He shook his head, partially in disbelief, partially in frustration.

     Although now a successful millionaire many times over, Thomas Maddock, who would eventually be transformed into the persona and brand, Tommy Model, had grown up in an extremely poor, rough section of Edinburgh, Scotland. His future seemed uncertain until as a teenager he discovered a natural gift for singing and writing songs. At sixteen, he joined his first band, Velour. After some local success, they were soon selected as an opening act for several headlining bands and artists while they toured throughout Europe.

     Tommy's mother desperately wanted him to become the family's first university graduate. Although Tommy initially tried to balance music with his educational studies to avoid disappointing her, eventually the pace of the touring schedule forced him to drop out of secondary school altogether. He was soon earning more performing live with his band than his father was bringing home from his welding job at the shipyards. The oldest of four children, Tommy began helping his parents financially to provide a better life for his brother and two sisters still living at home.

     As Velour's lead vocalist and primary songwriter, Tommy was soon approached by the head of A&R for Honeycutt Records, a well-respected label in the UK. Tommy tried to convince the executives at Honeycutt to sign Velour as a band, but they ultimately only wanted him as a solo artist. The name change to Tommy Model soon ensued, and with his first single released in 1984, it was immediately obvious a new star had been born. It started off relatively effortless for Tommy, and it only seemed to get easier from there.

     Now five years later, he stood alone on the back loading dock of an awards show venue. As cigarette smoke burned his eyes while staring at his latest achievement, there was still a small part of him that never expected all of his many successes. However, an even bigger part wanted the ongoing winning streak to be more of a challenge.

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