A Model Mind


A Model Mind Front Cover

In In 1989, Tommy Model was one of the world’s most famous rock stars. But after selling more than one hundred million albums worldwide and reaching the pinnacle of a career fueled by greed, addictions, and ego, he soon falls from grace after being upended by an abrupt, life-changing experience.

Three decades later, following a slow, tragic downward spiral that costs him nearly everything, Tommy finally finds his true love and muse. A personal rebirth rekindles his creativity, and a subsequent resurgence in popularity drives Tommy to use his fame for far-reaching good rather than falling back into the self-centered mindset of his youth.

His second shot at life proves to be the charm, and by applying lessons learned from past successes and failures, Tommy Model eventually becomes the man he had always hoped to be.

A Model Mind is captivating and invokes a wide range of thoughts and emotions with never a dull moment. Much more than a story of the rise, fall, and renaissance of a rock star, it delivers a message of love, hope, and inspiration for all.

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